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christmas corporate exclusive offer «Alaska Christmas»

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Апісанне экскурсіі Alaska Christmas

It’s a travel to North America of the late 19th century… the Wild North, Alaska, where the dogs Alaskan Malamutes help the brave people to survive.

Gold miners and trackers, Indians and the Eskimo, mushers and the dogs Alaskan Malamutes are waiting for you to meet, demonstrate and teach how to shoot from the Winchester rifle and the bow, to throw a lasso, to cope with a dog sled and feel the spirit of the powerful North!

After the adventures in the boundless forests and tundra of Alaska the North American disco and tasty treats in the saloon of Jack London await you!

The price includes: program, food (pancakes with different fillings, tea, biscuits),
transportation - 40km from Minsk City.

velcom: 8 (029) 634-09-00
МТС: 8 (029) 762-58-40

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